builds a new nim with linear interpolation type whose homogeneous breakpoints are the breakpoints of all components of the arguments.

A vectorial nim is homogeneous if all its component have the same breakpoints, i.e. breakpoints with the same abcisses.

See also @align_breakpoints, @sample and the nim simplification functions: @simplify_radial_distance_t, @simplify_radial_distance_v, @simplify_lang_v, @filter_median_t, @filter_min_t, @filter_max_t, @window_filter_t

In the figure below, the diagram at the top left shows a vectorial nim with two components:

  • the effect of @sample is pictured at top right,

  • the effect of @align_breakpoints is sketched at bottom left,

  • and the effect of @linearize is illustrated at bottom right.

the effect of @sample, @align_breakpoints and @linearize on a nim