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Release Notes


These web pages documents the version 1.1 of the Antescofo system. Some features may be not present if you use old version of the system. The list below is an attempts to summarize the changes between the versions.

It is important to note that:

  • versions upto 0.92 (march 2016) rely on the old listening module.
    This listening module is doing a good job for midi input and handle silence well. However, the old listening module is sensitive wrt play mode and has difficulties with resonant instruments (like piano with pedal).

  • version starting from september 2016 (after 0.93 and for the official distributions, from 1.0) rely on the new listening module.
    This improved listening machine is more robust with resonant instrument (including piano with pedal), it handles some play mode and has an improved handling of timing information. However, it may be sensitive to silence in some configuration and the handling of midi is less efficient (if this a concern, midi can be handled at the level of the Antescofo program itself, see the how-to section).

  • version upto 1.0 included are distributed as fat object on OS X, meaning that they can be used with Max6 and Max7 runing in 32 bits mode, as well as 64 bits mode.
    Starting with version 1.1, these objects are avalable only for 64 bits mode (Max8 does not support 32 bits objects and Apple does not release any SDK compatible with 32 bits starting with OS X 10.12. If you need to use a 32 bits compatible object, you have to use a version below 1.0.

Old versions of the Antescofo objects are archived here for the official distributions. Older intermediate distributions (beta versions) are also available. And here is the antescofo online converter.


Version 1.1 (to be distributed through the Ircam Forum)


  • converter moved to

  • function/process/method call with named parameters

  • function/process/method call with default argument value (optional arguments)

  • arbitrary arguments on musical events

  • new commands top_level_are_tight, antescofo_is_in_rehearsal_mode, antescofo::trace_mode_change

  • @persistent qualifier on global variables and osc send and receive commands

  • methods in object can have their own attribute (used to have an abort-handler on object's methods)

  • Lambda-expression

  • remanent abort: abort handler of defunct groups are activated if a son of the group is still alive. This contrast with the previous behavior where abort handler are not activated on defunct groups. Attribute @REC_if_alive can be used on an abort command to achieve the previous behavior.

  • OSC : new osc_client command

  • OSC : [oscrcv] may trigger a function or a process instead of setting a variable

  • symbol evaluation: see symbols

  • experimental:

    • experimental compilation and dynamic linking of antescofo user's functions. Only a subset of general expressions is handled.
    • dynamic linking of external objects
    • differential curve


Corrected bugs

  • non uniform behavior between startfrom 0 and start.

  • variable access in abort handler

  • better management of time in delays

  • better handling of negative periods in loops or negative grains in curve

  • various bugs


Version 1.0 (2018-03-06)


  • new listening machine

  • improved time model (temporal scope], generalization opf the use of internal NIM to represents beat(time) and time(beat) at run-time:

    • arbitrary symbolic tempo curves (i.e. accelerando)
    • fully dynamic specifications
    • tempo limiters
  • pitch alteration NOTE B##4

  • improved documentation

  • import of MusicXML score from web page antescofo converter at url

  • new scheduler: reduced gig, improved precision over time, lesser footprint, deterministic

  • extended OSC capabilities

  • latency compensation: @latency

  • curve as nim player (including vectorial non-aligned nim)

  • spline type of interpolation in NIM and Curve

  • qualitative specification of NIM

  • actors (objects)

  • new transport commands

  • computed score jump


  • extended syntax for function definitions (local variable, control structure, etc.)

  • the standard library offers more than 250 predefined functions

    • extensive set of predefined NIM operations
    • reading & writing JSON file and MIDI file
    • reading XML file
    • Antescofo score -> Bach representation


Version 0.92 (2016-03-07)


  • old listening machine