@midi2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:numeric)
@midi2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:string)
@midi2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:symbol)
convert a midi note number into a frequency. The version with one argument uses an explicit reference frequency of 440 Hz while the version with two arguments allows an explicit specification of an arbitrary base.

For example, 69 (the midi encoding of the standard pitch A440) is converted in 440Hz by ::antescofo @midi2Hz(69). See midi tuning and functions @midicent2hz, @hz2midi, @hz2symb and @symb2midicent.

When a midi note is expressed symbolically (through a string or a symbol), the midi numerical coding of a pitch in midicents or in midi note is irrelevant and the function returns the same value as @midi2hz.

See also Handling Midi @hz2midi    @hz2midicent    @hz2symb    @midi_getChannel    @midi_getCommandByte    @midi_getCommand    @midi_getMetaType    @midi_isAftertouch    @midi_isController    @midi_isEndOfTrack    @midi_isMeta    @midi_isNoteOff    @midi_isNoteOn    @midi_isNote    @midi_isPatchChange    @midi_isPitchbend    @midi_isPressure    @midi_isTempo    @midi_read    @midi_track2ascii    @midi2hz    @midicent2hz    @symb2midicent