@make_pitch_tab(start:numeric, stop:numeric)

returns a tab whose i th element is the vector of pitches to the i th musical event in the score. A NOTE corresponds to a tab of size 1, and a CHORDS with n pitches to a tab of size n. Grace notes are not counted.

Called with no arguments, the events considered are all the events in the score. With a start, only the events whose position in beats is greater than start are considered. If a stop is specified, all events must have a position in beats between start and stop.

Grace notes do not appear in the tab.


       NOTE D6 1    
       NOTE C7 0    
       NOTE D6 1/2  
       NOTE C7 1/5
       CHORD (D1 A7 Eb7) 1/8 
       TRILL (CC6 D7 A7) 1/8 event6
With this score, @make_pitch_tab returns:
       TAB[ TAB[8600.0],
            TAB[2600.0, 0500.0, 9900.0],
            TAB[1206.0, 9800.0, 10500.0] ]

See also Score Introspection

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