@make_duration_map(start:numeric, stop:numeric)
returns a map where the duration (in beat) of the i th event of the score, is associated to i (the keys of the map are the ranks of the events). Called with no arguments, the events considered are all the events in the score.

With start, only the events whose position in beat is greater than start are considered.

If a stop is specified, all events must have a position in beat between start and stop.

Nota Bene: The numbering of musical events starts at 1. Grace notes, i.e. musical event with a duration of 0, do not appear in the map and does not count in the ranking.

For example

       NOTE C7 0 mes2
       NOTE D6 1/2
       NOTE C7 1/5
       NOTE Eb7 2/5
       NOTE G#6 1/2
       CHORD (D1 A7) 1/8 mes2_2
       NOTE C2 1/8
with this score, @make_duration_map() will return:
       MAP{ (1, 0.5), (2, 0.2), (3, 0.4), (4, 0.5), (5, 0.125), (6, 0.125) }
Notice the grace note C4which does not appear in the map.

See also Score Introspection

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