@midicent2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:numeric)
@midicent2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:string)
@midicent2hz(reference:numeric,  pitch:symbol)

The version with one argument converts a midi note expressed in midicent or in midi pitch notation into a frequency. For example, 6900 (the coding in midicent of the standard pitch A440) is converted in 440Hz. See midi tuning and function @midicent2hz, @hz2midi, @hz2symb and @symb2midicent.

The version with two arguments specifies explicitly the reference (by default 440Hz).

When a midi note is expressed symbolically (through a string or a symbol), the midi numerical coding of a pitch in midicents or in midi note is irrelevant and the function returns the same value as @midi2hz.

See also Handling Midi @hz2midi    @hz2midicent    @hz2symb    @midi_getChannel    @midi_getCommandByte    @midi_getCommand    @midi_getMetaType    @midi_isAftertouch    @midi_isController    @midi_isEndOfTrack    @midi_isMeta    @midi_isNoteOff    @midi_isNoteOn    @midi_isNote    @midi_isPatchChange    @midi_isPitchbend    @midi_isPressure    @midi_isTempo    @midi_read    @midi_track2ascii    @midi2hz    @midicent2hz    @symb2midicent