this predicate returns true in between the two time operations mode.

There are two time operation mode: normal, which represents the passing of the physical time, and the virtual where the clock goes as fast as possible (see @is_fastforward).

In the curse of a ::antescofo antescofo::startfrom... XXX command, the program is first run in fastforward mode, using the virtual time. When the location ::antescofo XXX is reached in thescore, the time is paused and the switch to the normal time is done only when an event is detected by the listening machine.

The predicate @is_paused is always false in an antescofo program. But it can be true in a script (script can be used in the Antescofo standalone version to execute a sequence of antescofo command).

See also @is_fastforward, @is_following_on, @is_paused, @is_playing_on, @is_running, and @is_stopped.