convert a frequency (expressed in Hz) into a string in Scientific pitch notation representing the pitch. The scientific pitch notation is the notation used in the specification of pitch in events. For example, 440 is converted in "A4".

NOTE: the microtonal alteration, as in A#4+50 are not currently supported.

See midi tuning and functions @midicent2hz, @hz2midi, @hz2symb and @symb2midicent.

See also Handling Midi @hz2midi    @hz2midicent    @hz2symb    @midi_getChannel    @midi_getCommandByte    @midi_getCommand    @midi_getMetaType    @midi_isAftertouch    @midi_isController    @midi_isEndOfTrack    @midi_isMeta    @midi_isNoteOff    @midi_isNoteOn    @midi_isNote    @midi_isPatchChange    @midi_isPitchbend    @midi_isPressure    @midi_isTempo    @midi_read    @midi_track2ascii    @midi2hz    @midicent2hz    @symb2midicent