@savevalue(s:string, value)
argument s is interpreted as the path of a file where the value of the second argument is saved. The format of the file is textual and corresponds to the Antescofo grammar. This value can then be read using the function @loadvalue.

See also functions @dump, @dumpvar and @loadvar.

See also Data Exchange Functions: @dump    @dumpvar    @gnuplot    @json_read    @json_string    @json_write    @loadvalue    @loadvar    @nim2vezer    @parse    @plot    @read_file    @rplot    @savevalue    @set_osc_handling_double    @set_osc_handling_int64    @set_osc_handling_tab    @string2fun    @string2obj    @string2proc    @to_num    @xml_read    @xml_string