@make_label_pitches(start:numeric, stop:numeric)
returns a map associating a vector of pitches to the label of an event. A NOTE corresponds to a tab of size 1, and a CHORDS with n pitches to a tab of size n. Events with no label do not appear in the map, as well as grace notes.

Called with no arguments, the events considered are all the events in the score. With a start, only the events whose position in beats is greater than start are considered. If a stop is specified, all events must have a position in beats between start and stop.


       NOTE D6 1    event1
       NOTE C7 0    event2
       NOTE D6 1/2  event3
       NOTE C7 1/5
       CHORD (D1 A7 Eb7) 1/8 event5
       TRILL (CC6 D7 A7) 1/8 event6
with this score, @make_label_pitches returns:
       MAP{ ("event1", TAB[8600.0]),
            ("event3", TAB[8600.0]),
        ("event5", TAB[2600.0, 10500.0, 9900.0]),
        ("event6", TAB[1206.0, 9800.0, 10500.0])   }

See also Score Introspection

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