The rest of the story is yet to be written... by you

We want to complete the Antescofo documentation with your contributions.

Please, send your comments, typos, bugs reports, hints and suggestions on the Antescofo ForumUser web pages. It will help us to improve the documentation and the Antescofo system.

The documentation will evolve to include snippets of code, tutorials, and howtos. Do not hesitate to send your examples. Ideally, your contribution must include a working patch with the needed audio files and a description of your example in the forme of a file written in markdown format. The goal is to have an autonomous demo with all the explanations needed to run the demo by the Antescofo users.


You will find in the following pages some useful examples that are given to illustrate the interfacing of the system or its use for a specific need. The code given here does not constitute a final and definitive solution but illustrate a possible approach in a common problem:

... And we are awaiting your own libraries!

External demos, tutorials and examples

The community has produced some examples, hands-on, and videos:

The hierophant was petrifying