changes the handling of tabs in OSC messages. Arrays are present only in OSC v1.1 and not present in the initial protocol v1.0. Several implementation ignore the array construction.

By default Antescofo sends the elements of a tab as the successive arguments of a message, without using the array facilities. A call to @set_osc_handling_tab(true) switches the behavior to rely on the array feature present in v1.1: the [ and ] markers are used to wrap the sending of the tab elements. Calling the function with a false value enables to switch to the v1.0 policy.

When receiving a message, array markers are always interpreted as tab delimiters.

Beware that a message as a limited size that depends both on the sender and receiver implementation limitation. The current Antescofo raw buffer size is 5096. Sending a tab or receiving an array must fit within one message.

See the Osc Messages section in the reference manual and functions @set_osc_handling_double and @set_osc_handling_int64.

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