returns a boolean random generator with a probability p to have a true value. For example
       $bernoulli60 := @rnd_bernouilli(0.6)
       $t := [ $bernoulli60() | (1000) ] 
produces a tab of 1000 random boolean values with a probability of 0.6 to be true.

Random Generators

The members of the @rnd_distribution family return a random generator in the form of an impure function f taking no argument. Each time f is called, the value of a random variable following the distribution distribution is returned. The arguments of the @rnd_distribution are the parameters of the distribution. Two successive calls to @rnd_distribution returns two different random generators for the same distribution, that is, generators with unrelated seeds.

See also Random Generators @rand    @rand_int    @random    @rnd_bernoulli    @rnd_binomial    @rnd_exponential    @rnd_gamma    @rnd_geometric    @rnd_normal    @rnd_uniform_float    @rnd_uniform_int