Activating OSC

If you want Antescofo to receive and send OSC messages, you should send it the Max/MSP or Puredata object the message ascographcomm 1.

Other messages can be useful:

OSC messages sent and received by Antescofo

Antescofo sends and receives OSC messages during its execution, in addition to the user-defined OSC messages. You can use them to monitor an Antescofo execution.

Messages sent by Antescofo

All messages are prefixed with /antescofo/.

Messages for the Ascograph window

Messages to send the score from Antescofo by chunks

Information about execution

Trace messages (each time an action is fired)

They are built a follows:

action_trace action_name type fathername now rnow message

action_name is the label of the action.

Possible types are:

If the action has no parents, fathername is Top_level. Otherwise, it is the label of the parent's action. message is a value that depends on the type of the action. For instance, for an assignement, it is the assigned value.

Messages received by Antescofo

Antescofo processes OSC messages with internal commands, the same as for MAX/MSP and Puredata.