Internal Commands

Internal commands correspond to the MAX or PD messages accepted by the antescofo~ object in a patch. The “internalization” of these messages as primitive actions makes the control of the MAX or the PD antescofo~ object possible from within the score itself. For example, it is posisble to switch the follower on or off when a specific musical event is reached.

Internal commands are named


where the suffix xxx is the head of the corresponding MAX/PD message recognized by antescofo~. The exaustive list of internal commands is given below together with their arguments. But first we focus on a set of very important commands used to navigate the score. These commands are critical in reharseal or during the design phase, as they evades the linearity of the score.

Controlling the Execution Flow

These commands are also messages (from the Max or PD patch) to the Antescofo object (in this case, without the prefix antescofo::). They control the execution flow of an Antescofo program :


List of internal commands