returns the coordinate x_n of the last breakpoint of the nim. This coordinate is the sum of x_0 (the coordinate of the first breakpoint of the nim, and of all intervals d_i of the breakpoints i. If the nim is vectorial, x_n is a tab.

See also @min_key, @min_val and @max_val.

See also Nim Related Functions @aggregate,    @align_breakpoints,    @dim,    @filter_max_t,    @filter_median_t,    @filter_min_t,    @integrate,    @linearize,    @max_key,    @max_val,    @min,    @min_key,    @min_val,    @projection,    @push_back,    @push_front,    @sample,    @simplify_lang_v,    @simplify_radial_distance_t,    @simplify_radial_distance_v,    @window_filter_t