This function build a map encoding the nim argument. This map can bet outputed as a JSON specification and latter read by Vezér.

Vezér enables control and synchronisation of any MIDI, OSC or DMX enabled environments - realtime video softwares, lighting rigs, etc. - through the use of timeline based automations. Vezér offers a nice and user-friendly interface to graphicaly edit breakpoint functions. The function @nim2vezer can be used to input an Antescofo nim into the Vezér graphical BPF editor through a JSON file.

In the reverse direction, the Vezér graphical editor can export a BPF as an XML file. This XML file can be read using @xml_read. The resulting data structure can be used to create the corresponding Antescofo nim.

Note that only a subset of Antescofo nim can be handled by Vezér: some Antescofo interpolation type are not managed by Vezér, neither discontinuous nim, etc.

The encoding of an XML text into an Antescofo value is described in @xml_read. The encoding of a map in JSON is described in @json_write and detailed in sect. Defining a value in Json format. The JSON format used to import a BPF into Vezér is described at page import from JSON and the rendering of a Vezér BPF into XML at page export XML.

See also Data Exchange Functions: @dump,    @dumpvar,    @gnuplot,    @json_read,    @json_string,    @json_write,    @loadvalue,    @loadvar,    @nim2vezer    @plot,    @rplot,    @savevalue,    @set_osc_handling_double,    @set_osc_handling_int64,    @set_osc_handling_tab,    @string2fun,    @string2obj,    @string2proc    @xml_read    @xml_string